The venue you choose can have a big impact on the success of your event. From conferences to training, the location and facilities set the tone for the day and can influence the productivity of your get-together. Choosing the perfect location can be tricky. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of reasons why Westminster makes the ultimate destination for your events, both large and small.


The City of Westminster is world famous as a site of historic and political importance. Surrounded by stunning architecture, including the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Cathedral, Westminster is the heart of London.

With so much cultural and historical significance, Westminster cannot fail to add a sense of prestige to your conference or meeting. When it comes to training events, choosing Westminster as your location can highlight the importance of the day and demonstrate the company’s values and aspirations.


Being central in any city has many great advantages, even more so in London. For a start, Westminster is incredibly easy to get to, with links via road, tube, bus, or on foot. An easy-to-reach venue is a big bonus for conference guests, many of whom may have had to travel large distances to attend. Unexpected difficulties could make it hard for staff, delegates, or meeting invitees to reach a venue located far from transport links, wasting you valuable time and money. With a venue in Westminster, access won’t be an issue.


Being in London has many benefits. Westminster is a cultural hub in which art, shopping, dining, performance and entertainment collide. You’ll find a range of different experiences through the area and with easy connections to other parts of London, all tastes are catered for. From fine dining to theatre, shopping to music, Westminster itself provides plenty of opportunities to keep delegates amused.

This flexibility allows you to combine other activities with your event. Conference delegates will enjoy the local area and the entertainment, sights and tastes on offer add another great benefit to your promising conference package. Staff can end training days with a meal out, helping to build team spirit and once formal meetings are over, a more casual sightseeing trip can be an effective way to close a deal.

Choosing your venue won’t be hard

Once you have settled on Westminster, you’ll need to choose your venue. Believe it or not, this is the easy part. With The Westminster Collection, you can find out information on some of the area’s leading venues, all from our website. You can even send your request for a quote to multiple venues at once, taking the hassle out of finding the perfect place for your conference, meetings, or training days.