As the world sharpens its focus on climate change and what we can do to slow it down, the event industry – along with a whole host of other businesses – is raising its game.

Finding a sustainable event venue is gradually working its way up organisers’ lists of priorities and here at Westminster Venue Collection, our members are leading the way in event sustainability. So, if you’re hoping to be part of the solution you’ll be looking to hold more sustainable events, and that begins with finding a venue with fabulous green credentials.

In this feature, we’ll take you through the questions you need to ask your venue to make sure you’re choosing the most environmentally friendly site for your event. We’re also going to show you what some of our members are doing to combat climate change as well as asking some seasoned planners for their other tips on what individual organisers can do to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Questions to ask your venue to create a sustainable event


  • Is your venue certified carbon neutral?
  • Do you use green energy?
  • Is your branding made from reusable materials?
  • Is your venue paperless?
  • What is your waste management policy?
  • Are any materials used recycled?
  • Does your venue have a Clear Air Route?
  • What sustainable lighting options do you provide?


  • Do your menus contain local produce and responsibly sourced ingredients?
  • Are your menus seasonal?
  • Is catering served using reusable containers/dishes?
  • What happens to any surplus food and drink? Do you have a waste management strategy?


  • Do you insist on all suppliers having certain sustainability criteria?
  • What distance will you travel to supply the venue?
  • Can I hire sustainable lighting for my event?

It’s also worth asking your venue if there’s anything else they’d like to tell you in reference to their sustainability efforts. They are likely to have lots to say on the subject, so give them the chance to showcase what they’re doing. It’s all information that will help you decide where to hold your event, and how to reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable events in Westminster

If you’re choosing a green venue, why not go the whole hog and choose a green location? Westminster Greener City Action Plan is a scheme which launched in 2015 and has set specific targets for a number of environmental issues in the borough, due to be completed in 2025. The plan includes a wide variety of sustainability goals in a range of areas including waste management, noise pollution, air quality, water as a resource, sustainable travel and much more.

How to make an event more sustainable – the venues going above and beyond

We’ve asked a few of our members to tell us a bit about their green credentials:

WVC member, Broadway House, is part of Make Venues and the wider Make Group. The full organisation has pledged to the SME Climate Hub to half emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050. Here are just a handful of examples of the sustainability initiatives they have in place.

  • A combination of LED lighting, ‘switch off’ signs & automatic light sensors to save on electricity.
  • Staff car sharing schemes.
  • Electric Vehicle salary sacrifice scheme in place to encourage staff to move to electric vehicles.
  • Responsible planting initiatives attract wildlife to our venues, including bird baths and a bug hotel!
  • Food waste is turned into fertiliser and cooking oil into biodiesel.

Another one of our venue’s leading the way in sustainability is Royal College of Music. The prestigious venue is set to reach net zero and decarbonise the estate by 2035. For the second year, the Royal College of Music was awarded first place in the People and Planet University League table for universities with fewer than 5,000 students, an independent league of UK universities ranked on their environmental and ethical performance.

Recent carbon management projects have included upgrading the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall lighting to LED fixtures, and the installation of proximity sensors to control lighting automatically, both resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption. Underpinning all the work of the RCM, they also ensure that their accredited suppliers have an up-to-date Sustainability Policy which is in line with their own.

Westminster is packed full of historic, listed buildings. This status can pose challenges for venues wanting to stay ahead of the curve with their environmental upgrades, but Church House is a fabulous example of a beautiful, old building that is keeping up with state-of-the-art green tech, without compromising its historic integrity.

The iconic venue, known for hosting diverse events and gatherings, has transitioned to energy-efficient LED lighting systems, marking a commitment to environmental stewardship. LED lights are renowned for their energy efficiency, longevity, and minimal environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for institutions seeking to reduce their ecological footprint.

By replacing traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED alternatives, the venue will achieve significant energy consumption savings while contributing to broader environmental goals. This initiative underscores Church House’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices within its venue and operations.

Leading sustainable venue in London, Broadway House of Make Venues Sustainable venues in London, Royal College of Music Green events venue in London, Church House Westminster

Sustainable event ideas and expert tips

You’ll be hard pushed to find a venue that isn’t ticking at least some of the eco-friendly boxes we’ve talked about in this piece, but if you’re looking for those who are taking things to the next level keep your eye out for the following:

  • Free bike storage
  • Living food walls/micro farms within the venue
  • Low-flow toilets and water-free urinals
  • Venues with green space are a helping hand to absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  •  No-waste – and we’re not just talking single-use plastic – think leftover food charities and compost

What else can organisers do to make an event more sustainable?

Holding an environmentally friendly event isn’t just the responsibility of the venue you choose, there are lots of things you – as an event organiser – can do, too.

  • Starting with a plastic/paperless pledge is always a good way to kick things off.
  • Green goodie bags and off-setting your carbon emissions can also make a difference.
  • Encouraging your guests to get involved can also have a big impact. This could include using public transport to attend your event, committing to a single-use packaging/product-free day and asking them to store any info they need for the day digitally, rather than on a paper copy.

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