IET London: Savoy Place shares the top three benefits of booking a venue with outdoor spaces.

You can enjoy the good old British weather

Even on mild spring days or fresh autumn ones, it’s important to encourage guests to take some time away from an event and get some fresh air. Booking a conference venue that accommodates this not only provides you with a change of scene, but it clears heads, reinvigorates hard-working minds and has significant health benefits. For example, fresh air helps immune systems fight off disease more effectively and increases serotonin production.

For those who don’t like to take the chance with the weather, find a venue with a wet weather contingency. Clients booking events on The Johnson Roof Terrace at IET London: Savoy Place can rest assured that the terrace can only be booked with the Riverside Room – a versatile large space complete with state-of-the-art equipment.

Outside space can form part of your event 

Whatever the reason for your event or conference, the chances are you will always need a little extra space at some point throughout the day. Savoy Place has hosted clients from many industries and sectors, whether food and drink companies or fashion houses, clients are always looking for something they don’t see every day.

It’s easily the most practical feature

There are lots of reasons using outside space can be more practical than the inside alternative. For example, older listed buildings may have indoor rules and regulations, so outdoor functionality can solve these (think drinks receptions on a terrace as opposed to a makeshift foyer).

Outside space can also showcase the area to guests. One of the draws of Savoy Place is the stunning Roof Terrace, a great space to enjoy drinks receptions, lunch, coffee breaks and while taking in the panoramic London views! The Johnson Roof Terrace’s views are so iconic its regularly used as a backdrop for filming.