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Website Consultants: SEO, Marketing & Usability

As website consultants we’ll firstly carry out an SEO audit on your website to ensure it’s search engine friendly, meaning Google likes it and can read it, the audit also includes assessing whether the navigation throughout the website is not only friendly to visitors (potential customers) but also to the search engines. It’s the search engine’s spiders that appraise your website, meaning if they like it, it ranks well, if they don’t, it doesn’t – most importantly, this indicates if your company’s online objective is working.

Following on from the SEO audit a keyword audit is carried out – if your website doesn’t contain its target keywords you’ll get little or the wrong visitors; this can also be the case if you’re running a PPC (pay-per-click) Campaign, for example Google AdWords – but there is also Bing, Facebook & Twitter.

The above is a very brief out-line of steps taken to improve the authority of a website – especially within its own niche industry.

When all these steps are put together you’re on your way to a successful website – the end result – increased business through your website.