IET London: Savoy Place has released a comprehensive series of hybrid event packages to break down the borders of events in London to far-reaching audiences.

The IET as an organisation has exerted a worldwide pioneering ability to revolutionise and inspire for almost 150 years and Savoy Place, supported by an unparalleled tech team, continues to lead the way in redefining the nature of events through innovative AV, placing delegate integration at the forefront.

Savoy Place was already well-versed in the streamlined delivery of technical AV long before lockdown. In recent weeks, the approach of the AV teams has been to refute the concept of online streaming as an interim makeshift solution for live events, and endorse the elevated importance of interaction through the use of the very best technology to come up with a worthy solution.

Savoy Place is offering the unique services of, using its in-house video and webcasting team with its own independent broadcasting channel, offering both live and post-event uploads to the highest standards. Hybrid events require top quality AV and video production so that virtual participants are provided a similar experience to in-person participants. Knowing every inch of the venue like the back of their hand, the experienced team know every angle and hidden trick to ensure the lighting, sound and delivery of video is of unbeaten quality.

To ensure the success of hybrid events, the venue’s AV team has been integrating popular online meeting platforms into their own AV system, so online and live audiences can interact simultaneously with presenters and speakers, as well as with each other. Multi-layer video switchers and digital sound desks allow the management of audio and video coming from different sources and locations and can merge them together in a multilevel communication layout. The packages offer optional add-ons like, which can be embedded into the streaming to encourage interactivity.