Church House Westminster welcomed Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Nadia Murad, among other distinguished guests at a reception for ‘Justice for Lai Dai Han’, organised by Dods Events.

The event took place in the venue’s Harvey Goodwin Suite on 11 June 2019 and culminated in the unveiling of a statue to honour all victims of sexual violence.

The “Mother and Child” statue, designed by Rebecca Hawkins, will serve as a beacon of hope to all victims of sexual violence around the world. It depicts a mother and child with different roots trapped by a Strangler Fig tree, a plant native to Vietnam, with branches wrapping around them.

The event, which was to raise awareness of the widespread nature of sexual violence in global conflicts, was attended by the chair of the Vietnam All Party Parliamentary Group, Wayne David MP and co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne.

The evening included personal speeches from victims of sexual violence in conflict, as well as campaigners, bringing together all those concerned into a discussion about the fight to end sexual violence in conflict.

Sculpture artist Rebecca Hawkins said: “I hope that this statue helps raise awareness for this important campaign and gives the women and children the justice and closure that they need. Being part of this campaign and meeting these brave and courageous women has been the honour of a lifetime and I urge everyone to hear their story.”

During her speech, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Nadia Murad, said: “Today’s event helps to bring awareness to the plight of the Vietnamese victims of sexual violence as they seek recognition and justice. I am proud to stand up for all victims of sexual violence around the world.”

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