Since The Royal Society provisionally closed its doors to the public, work has continued internally to offer support where possible.

Fellows of the Royal Society and people that it funds are contributing to the UK and global effort to tackle Coronavirus COVID-19. They are working inside the UK government as well as providing independent support for national and international efforts.

The work includes research on the biology of the virus and therapies to combat it, longer term goals such as the development of vaccines, and reviewing evidence to inform policy making. Tackling such pandemics will require both basic and clinical research at every stage, and the scientific community is doing all it can to help fight this terrible disease and reduce its toll.

The Society has made openly accessible all research findings and data from its Journals that are relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic:

With schools closed across the country, the Society has also drawn together a list of its resources, activities and videos that could be used to support home learning in science, technology, engineering and maths:

By holding your event at the Royal Society, you are helping play an important part in supporting the registered charity and the UK’s National Academy of science.

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