During the challenges of lockdown and in aid of Mental Health Awareness month last month, Church House Westminster has shared its favourite mental health podcasts.

It’s a challenging time for many of us, making sense of social distancing, and the impact of not seeing loved ones on our well-being. In addition, some of us may have been furloughed, others are trying to work from home during the crisis, some are juggling homeschooling and we’re also rekindling relationships that have previously been neglected as we chased other dreams in our “busy” lives prior to COVID-19.

How have you been looking after your physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown? The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week was kindness. Be kind to yourself, and others. We invite you to take some time for yourself by setting aside an allocated time every day, just for you. Whether it is trying something new, exercising, or sharing your skills. Take a look at our self-care bingo ideas on LinkedIn for more inspiration.

Another great way to boost our wellbeing is to listen to mental health podcasts. Put on those headphones, find somewhere quiet, sit back in your favourite armchair (or comfortably in bed), close your eyes and relax with one of these podcasts.

For the full list of podcasts, visit https://www.churchhouseconf.co.uk/news/best-mental-health-podcasts