Ahead of RIBA at 66 Portland Place re-opening in June and taking into consideration physical distancing measures, the venue’s event catering partner, CH&CO, has reimagined its menus and service styles, with some ideas below to help you plan the perfect catering offering at your next face-to-face event.

Served in a smart Bento box, which can be collected from a central point and taken to a designated catering area. Alternatively, pre-packed breakfast bags can be provided featuring fresh fruit pots, natural yogurt and granola and sweet muffins.

Hot drinks
We recommend serving hot refreshments from a central catering space to reduce contact points and avoid self-service. Compostable disposable cups are available on request, while individual sugar sachets and wooden stirrers are available with milk served in a jug to guests.

Working lunch
Served in a Bento box, as with breakfast, with the option of a traditional packed lunch featuring Artisan sandwiches, or freshly boxed salads.

We can pre-load our bento boxes with the side dish and pudding leaving a space for your guests to choose their hot main course available from our central buffet points. This minimises queuing times and contact whilst being able to provide the usual hot fork buffet. Not recommended for groups over 30.

Individual plates of canapes can be collected from central points within the catering room. Pre ordered vegetarian and vegan plates will be clearly labelled. To add some theatre and interaction, consider having a chef talk through the menu and add the finishing touches to each canape live in front of guests.

Each table will be pre-set with wrapped cutlery, pre plated bread rolls and each table will have access to sanitiser. We recommend 3-4 guests per round table. We will use the ‘place and step back’ routine by placing the plate of food to the side of each cover for guests to slide across in front of them. Once finished, guests can slide their empty plate to the side for their server to collect.

Individual bottles and cans available on request. Hydration stations will be available with glasses provided, and wine and water will be served at seated dinners.

Events will undoubtedly look different post-pandemic, but the onus is on ‘re-imagining a new normal’ – it might be different, but it is no less effective when it comes to delivering a memorable event experience. At RIBA at 66 Portland Place, the team have everything in place from new catering options to creative event set-ups and enhanced cleaning regimes to ensure a safe, successful, and most importantly, enjoyable face-to-face event. For more information contact [email protected].