Summer 2018 saw a chart-topping number of guests enjoying the sun on the beautiful lawns at Regent’s. 

But it wasn’t just the numbers of party goers that hit dizzy heights, impressive stats have been flying in to this unique venue…

So busy were the chefs at Regent’s, that if you were to stack up all the burgers they flipped throughout the season, they would reach the top of the Rockerfeller Centre. Their sausage count was also pretty jaw-dropping – the total number of bangers cooked would have stretched the length of both Oxford and Regent’s Streets when laid end to end. 

An enormous 3,500 scoops of ice cream, 9,000 bottles of beer and 1,000 bottles of Prosecco also played their part in the biggest and best summer the venue has ever seen. 

But it wasn’t all fun and games, there were a few casualties along the way. Namely four unfortunate hula-hoops and 132(!) chairs. Regent’s staff also didn’t get away completely unscathed with a total of 17 blisters across the team. 

No time to grumble though, as Summer 2019 is set to be even busier. Get in touch with Regent’s today so you don’t miss out, on 020 7487 7540.