One of London’s most influential chefs Margot Henderson, together with Melanie Arnold, has recently brought Rochelle Canteen to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), creating a brand new restaurant and bar.

Margot and Melanie, synonymous for feeding the art and fashion pack, also cater for all private events at the Nash and Brandon Rooms. The two Grade I listed rooms on the first floor of the Institute, accessed via a grand staircase, are available to hire for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Margot says: “When I first moved to London the ICA was one the places I was desperate to visit. It was exciting, it made a statement, it was a precursor to practically all of the best art spaces around the world. The Canteen here will be a place for people to meet for dinner, share a drink and stay into the evening once the exhibitions close and cinemas dim.”

Institute of Contemporary Arts director, Stefan Kalmár, says: “I could not be happier to have Margot and Melanie joining me at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. For me the ICA is an organisation, a social body, and this social body needs to be fed – and it needs to be fed well, fed by the same passion and integrity that you will find in our programmes.’’

For event or restaurant enquires, please contact the ICA events team at [email protected]