Imperial College London has recently launched a series of initiatives to enhance its sustainability as an events venue.

From compostable cups, to a ban on clingfilm and specially designed food trolleys, Imperial has recently implemented a variety of changes to support its vision to move towards a more sustainable events industry and a ‘greener’ experience for clients.

Some of the recent initiatives launched include:

  • The use of compostable paper cups
  • The use of reusable crockery rather than single-use crockery
  • Food trolleys with washable fabric covers have been introduced to transport catering around campus, without the need for clingfilm
  • Plastic food containers have been removed and all catering is served on reusable wooden boards
  • Single-use sugar sachets have been swapped in favour of sugar cubes

Imperial is also taking ‘locally sourced’ to the next level with its Queen’s Tower sourdough bread. Fermented on campus in South Kensington, the sourdough is created at the top of the Queen’s Tower and features in several menu items which are available for events.

To find out more, contact the team on 0207 7594 9494 or [email protected].