Due to the unprecedented global pandemic, event professionals have had to drastically re-think the way they host events and speed up the way they use technology.

While we were all eagerly awaiting the return of physical events, hybrid events nevertheless became a staple in the event calendar throughout 2020 and 2021, and people have now had a chance to experience the convenience of dialling into an event from home. Therefore, this dual physical and virtual option will no doubt become an expectation that delegates will expect to see when receiving an event invite.

Whether an event is fully in-person or hybrid, no one wants their high-class event to be ruined by a buffering Zoom video or an unstable internet connection, so stand-out technology is key to ensure a smoothly run event. As a result, high-tech venues have become extremely important for event planners.

Here are our top three reasons why a high-tech venue is needed now more than ever.

Hybrid events are not going anywhere

Hybrid events are here to stay, but they rely heavily on technology and, as with anything new or unfamiliar, can be very daunting, especially when you want to positively represent your brand. Therefore, hosting your event at a venue that has amazing AV facilities will not only enhance your virtual element but will also add a sense of professionalism.

At Savoy Place, whether you are wanting to host a large conference or a small webinar, their inbuilt AV facilities in every space, from their lecture theatres to their board rooms, will position your event at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring you have the tech and know-how on-site to help your event run smoothly.

To help take some of the stress out of planning your event, IET Venues have in-house AV and broadcasting teams, all of whom are experts in their fields, so you can rest assured knowing AV is one less area of your event to worry about.

With a full range of broadcast solutions, their dedicated teams have the ability to stream or record your event and distribute the content live or on-demand, all the while delivering expert solutions and fulfilling your technical needs. They also have 50MB Wi-Fi that guests can use for free and will ensure there is no buffering in sight!

High spec tech

Even though we can see a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, many event planners will still be cautious in hosting events at full capacity and will continue to expect some social distancing and reduced capacities.

As a result, tech in venues that allows you to communicate or sync to different parts of the venue will be hugely beneficial as this will allow more delegates to experience the same event while being spread out within the venue.

For example, the Kelvin Lecture Theatre and the Turing Lecture Theatre can be linked with both video and sound which allows event planners to increase capacity across both rooms without any attendees missing out! There is also the opportunity to set-up a two-way link to the Riverside Room.

Their Riverside Room not only boasts amazing views over Westminster but has state-of-the-art AV facilities including video walls, PTZ cameras and video mapping software. This means no matter where your delegates are, either in the room or tuning in from home, the PTZ cameras provide the perfect view of your speaker or presenter, as these cameras film from any angle and is then displayed on the video walls and screens across the length of the room.

Screens throughout the Riverside Room also allow for digital branding, ensuring less printed materials and therefore fewer touchpoints for guests.

Going the distance

This year has prompted more collaboration than ever – brands partnering up, businesses working together, even venues working across different campuses to account for reduced capacities.

For event planners with delegates across the country, it can be useful to have two venues that can link up and seamlessly talk to each other. At IET Venues, we can link your delegates from the Midlands at IET Birmingham: Austin Court with delegates based in London at Savoy Place.

This allows reduced capacities at each venue, while still enabling the standard high number of delegates to enjoy your event. Additionally, for delegates nervous about travelling, this negates the need to travel as far for an event.

IET Venues are the home of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and have an extensive technological history; they have always maintained the forefront of technical advances and are fortunate to have our top-of-the-range AV systems in place before the widespread necessity for virtual events. As a result, their high-tech venues will have an even bigger impact on your event than ever before.