8 Northumberland Avenue has been exploring how brain foods keep delegates engaged.

The venue reports many event spaces are now forgoing regular hors d’oeuvres and plated dinners in favour of healthy and organic whole foods, packed with nutrients, to improve delegate’s brain function.

Brain foods can be used to create incredibly tasty menus that will keep delegates engaged all day. 8 Northumberland Avenue’s favourite foods to feed the brain include:

Studies show that blueberries have antioxidant levels that improve memory and concentration for up to five hours. They also contain an ‘antioxidant cocktail’ that enhances focus ability and protects against illnesses such as dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Avocado is another hugely popular super food that enhances blood flow, especially to the heart and brain. It’s also loaded with fibre, which prevents overeating by keeping hunger in check.

Leafy Green Vegetables
Leafy greens are packed with carotenoids, which heighten brainpower, and B-vitamins that improve memory, focus, and mental clarity.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve memory and mental performance. It has also been shown to improve your mood and enhance concentration.

For more information on creating the perfect event menus, contact the team at 8 Northumberland Avenue on 0203 263 1011 or [email protected]