By Melissa Morris, Chandos House

From the moment she gets engaged, every bride’s childhood fantasy becomes a reality and all the possibilities of her dream wedding are within her grasp. Her thoughts become occupied with what dress she’ll wear, where the wedding will take place and what song she’ll choose for her first dance as a married woman.

As a wedding or event planner, it’s important to deliver every detail that the bride wants, but in this modern world where we want everything just so and right now, and where brides expect their day to be truly magical, how can wedding planners exceed their expectations?

Most brides who enlist the help of a wedding planner do so to relieve the stress and anxiety of the huge task of researching, organising and implementing their big day. One of the most important factors to a bride is to have a wedding planner who listens to her desires to make them a reality. As a wedding planner it is essential to thoroughly research any requirements the bride has and provide her with a selection of options so that she can see a range of what’s available. Providing too many choices is just as inadequate as providing too few; the bride could feel overwhelmed or not have the time to consider a multitude of options. If a bride wants to get married in a stately home for example, choose three or four that are within her budget and comprise any other requirements that she would like and present these to her with images, prices, menu possibilities and available dates.

It’s also imperative to provide the bride with everything she wants within the limits of her budget. Although every bride wants her day to be special, it’s no good suggesting dresses and venues that are way out of her budget and that will potentially make her feel like she can’t afford the best. Researching as many options as possible and choosing a select few that you think the bride will love is certain to make her feel special and as though you have considered her needs and personality, rather than choosing the same options you would present to any bride.

When trying to exceed a bride’s expectation of the service you’re providing, another crucial factor to consider is communication. Every bride wants to feel like her wedding planner understands her needs and is doing everything she can to make them a reality. If a bride knows what’s happening with every aspect of her wedding then her anxiety is reduced, which is one of the main roles of a wedding planner in the first place. Wedding planners can go a step further and ensure that they have a connection with a member of the bridal party, typically a bridesmaid, meaning that should a minor issue arise or if they have key information to pass onto the bride, they can let the bridesmaid know first. The bride doesn’t need to know every little detail of what’s been said to who or any concerns that may crop up on the day; she only needs to know where you are with each key aspect and in complete control.

Finally, when planning a wedding, remember to always keep your cool and remain as enthusiastic about each bride’s big day as you would your own. To most women, this is the biggest day of their life, and as long as you are showing each bride that you understand this, she’ll feel like you are exceeding her expectations.

The events team at Chandos House is very used to working closely with Wedding Planners  and together we will ensure the success of  your Wedding Day.