Church House Westminster has initiated a zero-gift policy in a bid to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic.

Replacing corporate gifts with charitable donations comes after an effort to replace plastic-based gifts with reusable coffee cups and bamboo pens. A deeper scrutiny of the sustainability of the concept then questioned the effect of transportation requirements and labour, leading to a trial of removing corporate gifts altogether.

Robin Parker, the venue’s general manager said: “Having established, at least in my own mind, that nobody really wants these gifts anyway, why are we continuing to purchase them and inflict them on our most valued clients? I wonder if instead of giving a gift, we make a pledge to charity? This must be a win-win! Firstly, we are not responsible for the production, packaging, and transportation of unnecessary items and secondly, it benefits a good cause.

“So, at Church House, we are working towards our zero-gift policy. I say working towards because we still have stock to get through, which rather than throw away and cause a notepad mountain in Westminster, we will try and distribute in a responsible way.”

For more information on hosting your event at Church House Westminster, please contact the events team on 020 7390 1582.