Broadway House, part of EEF Venues, hosted the first of roundtable discussions on how businesses monitor and evaluate wellbeing within their organisations.

Involving a small group of event agencies, industry commentators, associations, and business leaders, the roundtables are part of Broadway House’s own commitment and the industry’s drive to improve wellness within the meetings and events sector.

“At EEF Venues, we can track a direct relationship between the work we do on wellbeing, and the quality of our customer experience. This means we can show the efficacy of our efforts on the balance sheet as well as within the heart of our organisation,” comments David Vaughton, Managing Director, EEF Venues.

“Through these roundtables, we’re looking to understand how other businesses and business leaders assess wellbeing both within their organisations, and with each event they produce.”

EEF Venues will share the results of the roundtable with the industry and bring together a second meeting with different participants around the Eventwell campaign week 17 – 21 September.

“Businesses are showing a real drive towards wellness as part of their procurement strategy so, like sustainability, it needs to show a financial reward as well as an ethical one. This is what our campaign is all about and why we’re looking forward to having this conversation and sharing our findings with the industry,” concludes David.