By Debbie Lynch, Deputy General Manager, QEII Taste by Leith’s at QEII Centre

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we see it as our absolute responsibility to make sure the breakfast menus we’re creating are energy boosting, brain powering and sense stimulating for all clients who come to us for events and meetings in the morning. We’ll see to it that you’re set up for the day and keep hunger at bay so you can breeze through your agenda right through till lunch, with maximum productivity.

While we love to offer the classic French and English brekkie favourites like hearty Westminster Sausage Baps and moreish Pains au Chocolate, it’s at our fresh juice stations where you’ll find your morning zing. Choose from a carrot and pear smoothie, or a celery and apple combination. Both smoothies use low sugar fruits – apples and pears – teamed with a flavourful vegetable, to give a slow release of energy throughout the morning, without that dreaded sugar spike. We also offer superfood juices such as beetroot and pumpkin, thought to increase circulation and boost brainpower early in the morning.

Protein is known to keep you fuller for longer, so we’re big fans of eggs at breakfast. Our Egg Skillets are baked eggs with no additional fat, unlike traditional scrambled eggs that can include cream (or milk) and butter. We add ingredients such as mackerel, peppers and mushrooms for extra good carbohydrates, fats and protein, all in one simple dish. Mackerel is also high in Omega 3 Oil which is has multiple benefits to health. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, combat depression and improve mood and memory. For good health, you should aim to get at least one rich source of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet every day. Excellent sources include salmon, tuna, walnuts, flax seeds, leafy greens and hemp seeds.

Ingredients high in Omega 3 Oils, like our Confit Salmon and Rye Sandwiches, are a great alternative to a Smoked Salmon Bagel and avoid the processed white carbohydrates that can have an adverse effect on energy.

We also offer ‘build your own yoghurt’ stations. Here you can team the good fats in yoghurt with superfoods high in protein, such as flax seeds, toasted nuts, goji berries and honey. It’s a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that injects energy into your body, avoiding that slow and lethargic feeling you might get a short while after filling yourself up on coffee, cakes, white breads and pastries.

Need more tips and ideas for creating a breakfast menu that’ll keep your delegates skipping through till lunch? Just give the QEII Centre a call on 020 7798 4183 or email Debbie Lynch.