The events industry is one that constantly needs to have one eye on the here and now and one on the future with emerging trends, new technology innovations and changing buyer behaviour continuing to affect the way event professionals do business.

With this in mind, two of the board members of our collection have put their heads together to identify some of the expected trends and changes set to emerge in 2017.

Paul Martins, Westminster Venue Collection board member and director of sales at Cavendish Venues:  

“Given the current political instability after Brexit and the recent US elections, confidence to spend more on larger events may be affected. Working relations may also become strained by travel or VISA complications causing corporate businesses to look to other destinations outside the UK. Therefore, it’s significantly important that the UK events industry strive to demonstrate the added value our venues can offer

“Additionally if living costs continue to increase and there is prolonged difficulty attracting skilled event professionals with a sufficient work ethic, service levels may be stretched and profit margins subsequently reviewed. To combat this, I believe AIM accreditation with the Meetings Industry Association should remain paramount for a measure of standard across the industry.

“On a more positive note, we could see the weakening of the English pound initially encouraging more international visitors to the UK leading to increased revenue streams.”

Rosa Davies, Westminster Venue Collection board member and events manager at Victory Services Club added: “As we move into 2017, I think that we will see an increase in event spaces throughout the country giving buyers an advantage in the negotiation of rates. This, I think, will be one of the main factors for both buyers and venues influencing the events sector in 2017.

“With busy work schedules and delegates looking for faster solutions that deliver the same quality results, I think in 2017 we will continue to see the rise of virtual meetings. I have noticed that while face-to-face meetings are still the preferred option, there has been an increase in teleconferencing which is something all venues will have to adapt to and find ways around in order to keep up-to-date with what delegates are looking for in 2017.

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