116 Pall Mall has launched a new website offering the latest news, industry trends and advice for event professionals, PA’s, agents, and anyone looking to hold an event in London.

Jeremy Warrillow, head of hospitality at 116 Pall Mall, says: “As the home of the Institute of Directors, our online presence was previously buried within the IoD website, resulting in a low awareness of our event venue proposition and making it difficult for potential customers to find.

“Having a stand-alone website has allowed us to create a separate identity and therefore promote 116 Pall Mall as a venue much more effectively. It also means we are able to share a wealth of tips and advice with our clients as well as exciting 116 news, events and offers, something we’ve never been able to do before.”

The new website also features easy to use enquiry forms on every page, allowing users to make instant enquiries while browsing the website. Jeremy believes these will make researching a lot easier for potential customers. He adds: “Having these forms on every page allows users to enquire without even leaving the page they are viewing, meaning they can carry on researching with ease. Our team will then reply to them within two hours.”