As concrete plans are being made to return to live events and gatherings at 116 Pall Mall, there will always be some trepidation amongst the excitement. Before you start planning a gathering to celebrate every possible scenario, the venue has put together a few tips to ensure you return to live, in-person events safely.

Know your rights
In the excitement of being able to plan, book and host in-person events again, make sure you don’t overlook important clauses and agreement terms in your contract. Most venues are offering more flexible terms than ever before – to protect not only your event but also themselves and their suppliers (because don’t forget, venues have their own contracts to negotiate too!) – so be sure get these agreements in writing, not just a verbal confirmation during a venue tour or check-in phone call.

Think outside the…ballroom
Alongside dates and times of events changing as a result of our experiences over the last year, where we hold celebrations has also adapted. When organising your next meeting, party or ceremony, keep an open mind on where your event is held – we have a range of different spaces with a variety of styles, capacities, layouts and décor – which means you no longer have to host a conference in a meeting room, you could have it in a ballroom, your awards ceremony could take place in our restaurant or bar, or your team building session could take over our state-of-the-art academy.

Keep a hybrid event as an option in case restrictions change
Hybrid events are a great addition to – not just replacement for – live gatherings. Now that limits on group sizes are easing and will be a thing of the past in a few months, we can use virtual events to enhance the experience of your guests live in the room, and to include those who are unable to travel.

Any time is party time!
The flexibility we’ve all enjoyed with virtual and hybrid events has meant we’ve broken the mould of when and where a certain type of event should be held. Company parties should be in the evening, weddings should be in the early afternoon, conferences should start in the morning.. not anymore! Being flexible with the time and date of your events in future is beneficial for a number of reasons – firstly, the working day (and therefore free time as well) has changed and people are setting their own hours so they can be available for meetings and celebrations when they ordinarily wouldn’t.

Look ahead
We know how long a lot of people have waited to be able to have their weddings, birthday parties or other celebrations at 116 Pall Mall, and we’ve waited just as long to welcome you through our doors! With that in mind, we’re anticipating our calendar booking up fast, and so would recommend getting in touch with our team as soon as you can to discuss your event. To explore our event spaces in the meantime, if you’re unable to visit 116 Pall Mall, you can take a virtual tour of the building here to give you a feel of the personality and potential of our venue.

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