Following the rapid development of virtual and hybrid events over the past 12 months, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace explores the emerging hybrid trends in the events industry for the year ahead.

So, what is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event incorporates both a physical in-person event with a virtual online audience.

This isn’t a new concept however… Prior to 2020, it’s likely you had already attended a few without realising. Take the popular non-profit TED as an example. What started as an annual conference in the 1990’s became a “viral video phenomenon” and now encompasses a huge platform of hybrid events including TED Talks, TEDx and the TED-Ed series – all with aim of spreading ideas far beyond the room they are presented in.

The global pandemic has certainly thrown a few spanners in the works for event profs who are still running events. There’s increased demand for the best technology for every virtual event element, as well as the COVID-safe considerations for any in-person gatherings.

Over the coming months, the London venue expects the following hybrid event trends:

  • More innovative ways for delegates to engage
  • The necessary introduction of more breaks during events with suggestions like networking, virtual performances and fun icebreakers
  • Bigger and bolder creative ideas to keep people engaged
  • Much broader, far-reaching marketing to attract international virtual audiences
  • The introduction of VR into hybrid events

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