Choosing the perfect venue for your London conference is one of the most important decisions an organiser has to make. But conference venue hire in London can be an overwhelming world for even the most seasoned event professionals let alone for an uninitiated rookie. New spaces are launching all the time and it’s worth starting from scratch every time you begin the planning journey for your next London conference venue, whatever your previous experience.

First things first: conference venue deal breakers

London is a big old place, so you need to narrow down your search by using some of your deal-breaking criteria. Perhaps you want to be near a certain tube station, or you have a particularly large number of guests to host or it might be that you know you want a contemporary look and feel to your venue.

Take your one ‘must-have’ and start researching online, bringing in your next couple of priorities if this still leaves you with too many to choose from. Your research at this stage need only be relatively superficial to leave you with no more than 10 options.

You can now start asking the questions that will ultimately lead you to the venue that most suits your next project.

The crucial numbers

There are three Big Numbers every organiser needs to keep in mind at the beginning of any conference venue search: cost, capacity and date.

Is the venue in budget?

The price tag on conference venue hire in London varies wildly, so before you visit any of your favourites make sure you have some upfront conversations with the venue team to avoid wasting everybody’s time. Make sure you ask about catering, furniture hireAV costs and any other extras so you can get an accurate idea of the total spend you’ll be looking at. (Not forgetting to leave a little contingency fund for unexpected extras and last-minute creative ideas).

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