10-11 Carlton House Terrace welcomes guests for events including weddings, conferences, exhibitions, film shoots, meetings and parties after lockdown restrictions relaxed on 17 May.

The venue is following governmental guidelines for event restrictions including social distancing, capacities, and other rules for attendance.

According to government advice, from 17 May some capacity restrictions remain for events, and differ between business and leisure events. Currently, guidance is as follows:

  • Business events includes conferences, meetings, exhibitions, tradeshows, as well as private dining events like award ceremonies, gala or charity dinners, and other corporate hospitality. These can go ahead with up to 1000 guests or 50% of the venue’s total capacity (excluding venue staff) – whichever is lower.
  • Private events such as weddings and birthday or anniversary parties are subject to smaller limits of up to 30 guests, indoors or outdoors.
  • It is not clear whether summer and Christmas parties are included under business or private events. Until we have clarification, we would recommend caution and assume the limit of 30 applies to these occasions too.
  • Outdoor events are permitted to have a maximum of 4000 attendees or 50% of the space’s maximum capacity.
  • The government will make special provisions for large, outdoor seated venues where crowds can be safely spread out. This will be for up to 10,000 attendees or 25% of the venue’s maximum seated capacity.

To read the full blog, including guidance on international travel, visit https://10-11cht.com/news-offers/international-travel-events-in-the-uk.